by Justin Roth

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released August 20, 2003

Produced by John Hermanson
Mixed by Ben Wisch
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering



all rights reserved


Justin Roth Fort Collins, Colorado

"Fans of Leo Kottke or Michael Hedges will find themselves right at home with [Roth's] intricate guitar work...beautifully written lyrics." - San Francisco Art Magazine

"Superb guitar player, singer, songwriter well worth seeking out...exquisite, emotional and powerful." - Maverick Magazine (UK)

"Now you know—Justin Roth has come into his own." - John Gorka, Red House Recording Artist
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Track Name: The Only Life
(BGDGBD - drop-D capo 4th fret)

Her dream of marrying a rich man came true one day
Mom & Dad said "we're proud of you, glad to hear your debts are paid"
Now she calls home to tell them she's always on his mind
Yeah, he's gone a lot, but he's good about calling all the time

Ordering crystal glasses
Taking vitamins and yoga classes
She paints a picture, a still life, pours a drink, turns out the lights
And fights the instinct to get out
and she fights, and she fights, she fights

Some live high, and some live low,
To some it's all relative cause it's the only life they've ever known
Some live high, and some live low,
Some just live day by day cause it's the only life they need to know

Late one night as he slept she packed her bag and out she crept
She hardly knew what had happened until she walked up the depot steps
She bought a ticket to that train, but every now and then
She still wonders why she left

She found her way out of the dream she dreamt
'Cause she found her will waking up, to start over again
To start over again…

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Crush
(CGDGAC - full capo 1st fret, partial capo 6th fret)

Every single time you catch my eye
A rush of adrenaline makes my temperature start to rise
And I'm still learning to read the signs
Cause you still take me by surprise

I don't know what this might mean
Could it be love or just a passing thing? (it's a)

Crush…it seems so juvenile
Crush…like I'm in Junior High
Crush…and I don't know how
To behave around you now
But I like the way it feels

Well it ain't just your body but your free swinging soul
That creates the mystery that makes me fumble like a fool
When our eyes meet, I look down, butterflies in my belly fly 'round

I don't know what this might mean
Could it be love or just a passing thing?


I like the way it feels standing here with you
I think by now you've figured it out,
I hope you feel the same way too (it's a)

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: She Dances
(tuning CGDGBD)
I count to three but still feel the four
She corrects me out on the floor
"This is a waltz just relax"
But my clumsy feet send me tripping back

It doesn't seem I'll ever get it right
She's so free I'm so uptight
She's far above but within my reach
If I trust and just let her teach

There's no other place I'd rather be
When she dances the way she dances with me

Circling as if suspended on air
So adrift yet so aware
Arm 'round my waist eyes locked with mine
She leads me with grace through space and time


Here in our room we close the door
You lead me right to the dance floor
Your eyes reflect how I feel inside
As you love me with grace through space and time

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Savior
tuning: BGDGCC
(full capo 1st fret, drop-D capo 3rd fret, shortcut capo 5th fret)

I need to get my gun
Put all my faith in my truest one
Just one savior to guide one bullet
To make one last regret

I will go to the stable alone
No one will know where I have gone
I will deliver the one who has fought
This cold winter can't silence the shot

A savior…

I can't say I didn't know that this day would come
I knew it from the very start all along
For when one succumbs to such a mad disease
I must take its life immediately

A savior…

Now I must put away this gun
And tell them what I have done
They will cry and they will weep
And learn that life sometimes ain't easy

Maybe someday they will understand
And have to take a life by their own hands

A savior…

I can't say I didn't know that this day would come
I knew it from the very start since the day they were born
Hard lessons learned, hard lessons taught
Some you forget, some you cannot

A savior…
Track Name: On The Fault Line
(CGDGBD - full capo 3rd fret)

Each time you push, I pull back
Running away as if under attack
When all you are doing is reaching your hand
Trying to understand

In the silence surrounding our bated breath
Nervous hearts pound inside of our chests
Even our eyes don't reveal much
They're locked on the floor and that alone says enough

'Cause we're on the fault line between rise and fall
Balancing between giving nothing or all
Waiting to decide which way is best
To put this silence between us to rest…to put it to rest

This isn't about who's to blame
But we can't carry on and on this way
So the more space we give, the more room to grow
And it breaks my heart to have to let you go

I'm not trying to drive you away
I'm not trying to convince you to stay
I'm just trying to give us some time
To ask ourselves why

Track Name: Pull
(CGDGBD - full capo 3rd fret, drop-D capo 8th fret)

I've got this fuel within me waiting to be burned
But somehow I lost the energy to trust my heart to turn
It's been bottled up for so long now somewhere in the dark
Just waiting to be found and ignited with a spark

It's not as though I wanted to bottle it to sell
But just to let it flow 'cause it has a tale to tell
The price keeps getting higher to keep my tank at full
And it's more than just my own weight that I have to pull

I've dug down deep despite all my fear
Of what I might find and what might become clear
'Cause all I ever wanted was to live up to that dream
And I refuse to let it get the best of me


I guess I had forgotten why headed down this path
I thought I'd never find it, but it was always within my grasp

I've got to pull my dreams back out of my past
Strip them down to the bare bones to find what has made them last
Choose my own way to go and finally give up control
And find something to hold on to and pull
Track Name: Dead Horse Trampoline
(BGDGBD - full capo on 1st fret, drop-D capo on 5th fret)

In a field near town by the old playground lived a red mare
One day word spread that the horse lay dead on the grass there
So little Skeeter and me had to go and see every detail
To the field we sped and pronounced her dead as a doornail
And boys will be boys if you know what I mean
And there was soon to be a dead horse trampoline

Then I did proclaim it would be a shame not to ride her
But from the way she laid there was just no way to get astride her
But then up popped Skeeter with a big idea on the spot there
He climbed up top and he stared to hop on the old mare
He was jumping up and down and giggling
"Yeah, look I'm on a dead horse trampoline"
So I hopped up on and started to sing…hey
Lolly, lolly dead horse trampoline

Giddee up boing boing, giddee up boing boing, giddee up boing
Giddee up boing boing, giddee up boing boing, giddee up boing

Well she swelled so big and she smelled so bad
I couldn't look her in the face 'cause it made me sad
So I just jumped higher, tried to have a good time
You cry your way and I'll cry mine

But then along came Joe and he said, "you know I'm the bossy
So you can both get down cause it's my turn now, you can watch me"
Joe, he jumped so high he let out a cry, "yippee yahoo"
But the mare was so decayed that her ribs gave way…Joe fell straight through
That's what he gets for being so mean
He was a victim of a dead horse trampoline
She was such a pretty filly in a field of green
And then she was a dead horse trampoline
Sorry, sorry dead horse trampoline